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   561: Vayikra

562: Tzav

11th Nissan

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March 28, 1999 - 11 Nissan, 5759

11th Nissan

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Dedicated to the memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson N.E.

  562: Tzav563: Shmini  

The Baal Shem Tov (whose 300th birthday we are celebrating) taught us that every thing around us is to teach us a lesson in our Service to G-d: Every child who studied a little science knows that heat rises and cold air goes down. If you want a fellow Jew to "rise" in his/her relationship with G-d shower them with warmth and they will automatically rise.

Rabbi Benny Zippel, Chabad Lubavitch of Utah, est. 5752 - 1992.

The Rebbe sees beyond our superficial parts. He sees straight to the beauty of our essence, and helps us bring it to the front. I believe this is what the Rebbe expects his Shluchim to do, as well.

Rabbi Yisrael Rice, Chabad of Marin, CA, est. 5744-1984

The Rebbe taught us the true meaning of "Bishvili Nivra HaOlam" The world is created for me, in other words, I make a difference. The Rebbe brought this teaching into reality. This teaching has come alive in the most real and positive way. This is the Shaliach's badge of honor. We as Shluchim have been given the Kochot (powers) by the Rebbe of how we can accomplish this in ourselves and inspire all around us to feel and act the same in uplifting this world for Moshiach.

Rabbi Anschelle Perl, NCFJE of Nassau County, NY, established 5736-1976

"Amazing Thailand" is the name coined for boosting tourism to Thailand in the years of '98 and '99. As far as we are concerned it certainly is amazing to have over 900 Jews at the seder tables of Bangkok. And it's amazing to have Jews come all the way from Israel (straight after their duty in the armed forces) to the back streets of Thailand and discover the Ten Commandments or the beauty of Shabbat in the filth (physical and spiritual) of Banglumpoo. As Chasidism teaches us "the higher the source, the lower the descent" so perhaps its not so amazing at all that the Jewish soul develops so well in the land of the royal orchid.

Rabbi Yosef Kantor, Chabad Lubavitch of Thailand, est. 5753-1993

The important task today is to remain focused on the final message of the Rebbe and not to allow ourselves to get cold from the confused surroundings. For everything that the Rebbe taught us over the last 48 years is all about how we will react in these final moments.

Rabbi Levi Cunin, Chabad of Malibu, est. the first Friday after Gimmel Tamuz, 5754-1994

Until Gimmel Tamuz 5754, Lubavitcher Chasidim in general, and Shluchim in particular, knew that Moshiach is coming. After Gimmel Tamuz 5754, for the first time, we had to start to believe that Moshiach is coming because we couldn't "see." Dear Moshiach, during the last 4 and a half years, Shlichut has grown and become stronger than ever before. We proved we believe in you! Now it is your turn to believe in us! Please Come! We need you!

Rabbi Yehoshua, Rica, Nisim Levy Yitzchok, Chaya Mushka, Nechama Lea, Menachem Mendel, Esther Reina and Chana Forma, Beit Jabad de Paraguay. est. 5748-1988

Shlichus is not a career. Shlichus is not about what you are doing but who you are. It is an all encompassing 24 hour per day state of being, ready to serve anytime and for anything. When overwhelmed at times from the sheer endless tasks that need to get done yesterday, I'm often reminded of a great phrase from my late mother, of blessed memory. Being an immigrant from Russia and bearing 15 children under trying circumstances, she was often asked how she divides her time between all her children and still finds time for communal activities. In her humble way she would respond, "I don't know. In Russia they didn't teach me division; they only taught multiplication!"

Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon, Chabad of Hong Kong

Do not confuse Jews and Judaism. Not all Jews -- even Jews who are officially observant -- do or say the right thing. So do not confuse the two, and do not judge Judaism by them. Find out for yourself what Judaism teaches and do not get hung up on something that someone said or did. Not all Jews are perfect, but Judaism is.

Rabbi Levi Klein, Chabad Lubavitch of Tennessee, est. 5754-1994

Never turn down a favour to do good for anyone. It might just be the difference in the success of your Shlichus!!

Rabbi Shlomo Wainer, Chabad of the North Coast - Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa, est. 5746-1986

If you are looking to have a life with a purpose and goal, Shlichus will do the trick and at the same time build your connection with the Rebbe every day, to the point that you feel him next to you and guiding you in your smallest acts. Thank you Rebbe for giving me this opportunity.

Batsheva Oberlander, Lubavitch of Hungary, est. 5749-1989

The Rebbe's blessing to us to "continue, and with constant growth and increasing light" ... in "your activities in spreading Judaism, permeated by the light and warmth of Chasidus, and performed with dedication and enthusiasm" still inspires and guides us as the best way to help bring the revelation of Moshiach. Ascent of Safed, est. 5743-1983 For 50 years the Rebbe has prepared the world for the coming of Moshiach. His shluchim were charged with disseminating this message. The Rebbe asks you to "Mind Your Own Business" given to you by the Alm-ghty. If you have a hard time ask your local Shaliach for help. "We (Shluchim) Do Faith Lifts."

Rabbi Sholom B. Kalmanson, Chabad of Southern Ohio, est. 5736-1975

In many ways, Shlichus has become harder now that we face the final moments before the light of Geula (Redemption) is revealed. But on the other hand, I can say that the Rebbe's blessings are with us now more than ever. We see miracles every day, and the recent growth of our institution, along with that of Chabad in general, has no rational explanation. The Rebbe's presence in our Shlichus work is tangible.

Rabbi Yosef Levin, Chabad of Greater South Bay, CA, est. 5735-1975

The Rebbe's vision of unity among Jews is living reality as groups from reform, conservative, and reconstructionist temples participate in Chabad of the Inland Empire Model Matzah Bakery and other innovative programs and projects at Chabad centers across the globe.

Rabbi Sholom B. Harlig, Chabad of the Inland Empire, CA. est. 5749-1989

When the Rebbe tells us to transmit a message, he doesn't expect people to accept it from us on his say-so. He backs it up by citing the sources in Torah and demonstrating its truth in the world. When critics attacked his Tefilin campaign, for example, or the campaign for young girls over 3 year of age to light Shabbat candles, the Rebbe answered by quoting Talmud and Jewish law. When he said Moshiach is coming, he pointed out how the world has changed as a result.

Rabbi Eli Cohen, Chabad at NYU, est. 5746-1985

It's beautiful to see so many Jews of various backgrounds and affiliations joining as one to celebrate their Jewish identity in Shanghai.

Dini Greenberg, The Jewish Community of Shanghai, China, est. Tishrei 5759-Sept. 1998

The Rebbe's relationship to every Jew consists of his love and care and sensitivity to the needs of everyone at any given point in their lives.

Rabbi Avremi Kievman, Lubavitch of Liverpool, England

Chabad is a place "where Judaism is not a subject, but a way of life," by making Yiddishkiet come alive, not relegated to study as a subject.

Rabbi Eli Hecht, Chabad of the South Bay, CA, est. 5733-1973

The Rebbe continues to inspire, encourage and lead the Jewish nation the world over through his teachings. And only through our individual acts of goodness and kindness can we attain the Rebbe's ultimate goal - the revelation of Moshiach and the final redemption, speedily in our day.

Rabbi Yossef Y. Gorodetsky, European Bureau of Lubavitch, Paris, France, est. 5707-1947 (by the Previous Rebbe)

I'm here to do my job, which is to carry out the Rebbe's work. I feel that the Rebbe is with me every step of the way. With that, I don't need anything else.

Rabbi Amitai Yemini, Chabad Israeli Center, Los Angeles, CA, est. 11 Nisan, 5741-1981

  562: Tzav563: Shmini  
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